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Shower Cleaning

Shower Cleaning

Due to the hard water in Arizona and regular usage, showers tend to calcify and show soap scum.

A professional tile shower cleaning is still needed even if you have a water softener or squeegee your shower after each use.  Shower Sealing is also a great way to keep it looking nice.

Our Services include pre-treating and steam cleaning your shower to remove the white calcification and soap scum.

This process will also remove any other discoloration.

After your shower cleaning, the next step would be to make sure your shower caulking is solid and fix any missing or cracked grout. Then, Shower Sealing would be the last step to keep it protected and looking nice.

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Shower Repairs

Shower Repairs

We are Experts at leak detection and prevention. Part of our service is to make sure your perimeter edges and drain areas are water tight.

We want to be certain there is no moisture getting behind the wall or into any cracks and crevices.

Part of that is making sure the shower caulking along the edges is perfect. We evaluate every inch of your shower.

Even the smallest of holes can start a big problem. Most issues happen at the floor area but we make sure your wall tile is in good shape too.

Any missing grout or troubled areas can be repaired and caulked. Once all the necessary shower grout repairs are completed it is time to seal it for maximum protection.

Shower sealing

Shower Sealing

After your shower has been cleaned and all the necessary repairs are finished, your shower needs to be sealed.

Shower Sealing is the last step and probably the most important.

Some showers require the tile and grout be sealed, others require that you only seal the grout.

Be careful of inferior or even sometimes the wrong sealer being applied. Be certain to hire a knowledgable professional.

The Sealers we provide and apply to your shower are Very High Quality.

Once your shower is sealed your shower is finished and will look better than new and be protected for everyday usage. 

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