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Grout Repairs

Grout cracking on your flooring can be common. But, it could also be an indicator of trouble. Most times it is just the normal settlement of the foundation.

It can be unsightly and does continue to get worse if not addressed. If caught early it is usually just a minor repair.

If not caught early, grout cracking can lead to your tiles becoming loose or hollow sounding. So, it’s best to call in a pro to take a look.

Grout usually needs some type of maintenance every few years to keep it looking its best. Most of our repairs are blended and flawless without any trace of a repair being made. Sometimes tiles sound hollow or are loose and the repairs are beyond just repairing the grout. We can help with resecuring loose and hollow tiles and repair the grout without a trace.

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Shower Cleaning

Tile Showers need Cleaning and Grout Sealing pretty regularly if used frequently. Showers can start etching and/or get a buildup of soap scum that can become unsightly and very difficult to clean.

Tile Showers can also start to show a white calcium buildup from the water residue. This can occur even if you have a water softener. They do help but it’s hard to filter all the calcium in the hard water here.

Our aggressive 5 step process will get your shower right back to looking brand new and be sealed to keep it looking new. 

We always offer Free Estimates (602) 789-3417. We are tedious in every aspect of out shower work. Pretreating and Cleaning are the first steps to a great looking shower. Next we make any and all necessary repairs to make certain all the water stays in your shower not behind the wall. Grout Sealing would be out last step to making your shower protected as well as looking brand new again. We only use the very best products from start to finish.

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“Our master shower needed major cleaning and lot’s of repairs on the edges. Once completed the shower looked unbelievable.”N.R.

“Floor quote was fair. They cleaned my tile and repaired some cracks then sealed it. We are happy with the work done.”D.S.

“I had many cracks in my travertine tile that needed to be repaired. They were polite, on time and the job looked fabulous.” J.P.


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