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Grout Repairs

Grout Repairs

Grout Repairs are common and should be taken care in a reasonable amount of time to prevent them from getting worse.

Once we complete our repair, we try to prevent this from returning by using up to date methods and products.

We do this before we start the grouting process. This is one of the ways we pride ourselves at being one of the very best repair companies in the business.

We go the extra mile and e want to solve your problem. However, sometimes due to your foundation settling and foundation movements this can be an ongoing issue.

Tile Repairs

Tile Crack Repairs

Tiles Crack for a few different reasons. Usually there is some type of movement somewhere or a water issue.

We have extensive knowledge and years of experience to find the issue and resolve it.

We have been performing Tile Crack Repairs in Scottsdale for over 20 years.

Grout repairs and tile crack repairs are our specialty. But sometimes a tile is too damaged and a replacement is necessary.

In some cases, the homeowner does not have a replacement tile. If this is the case, we can still help. Give us a call to discuss options available.

Hollow & Broken

Hollow/Broken Tile

Hollow sounding tiles is usually an indicator a big problem is coming. Tiles don’t normally become unglued or break unless there is some foundation settling and moving.

It could also be from not enough adhesive underneath the tile. There could be a number of other reasons as well.

Regardless of the issue, it’s important to get these looked at right away.

We can usually re-secure your hollow or loose tiles and do a grout repair. Once complete the area is blended to the surrounding areas so there is no trace of a repair.

Most of our tile repairs and grout repairs can be  done the same day.

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