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Grout Color Staining is a great way to have your grout the color you want. Sometimes, even after a professional cleaning, a grout staining is the only option to make the grout look good. This is due to years of foot traffic, mopping and stains from food and spills. While a Professional cleaning will certainly make the grout and tile look cleaner to have a very crisp and consistent grout color, the color staining option is the best choice.

Once your grout has been color stained, it is permanently sealed. The color stain has a built in sealer that works very well. It will pay for itself over time by being easier to maintain, looking good all the time and it will not need to be professionally cleaned as often. 

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other advantages

Grout color Staining & Sealing

As we mentioned, having your grout color stained makes for easy maintenance. That is because it repels stains and spills. Mopping will be faster and keeping your grout lines clean will be much easier. Also, the grout color you choose will be completely consistent throughout your entire floor for a nice flow. Dirt and grime has a hard time sticking to it and it lasts for years if taken care of properly.

Other advantages are Dirt and Grime have a hard time sticking to it as fast. Years in the future, It will cost less when it comes time for another professional cleaning. This is because the stain will last for many years so it will not need to be reapplied. Your tile and grout will need a cleaning only to remove surface dirt.

Our color blending is the best in the business. We can match and mix ,on site, any color for a perfect job every time.

We only use the highest quality products.

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